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At the 2015 IFTD/iCAST trade show in Orlando last week, Umpqua officially introduced the new Zero Sweep™ family of innovative packs, bags and a vest.

Zero Sweep™ came about through hundreds of hours of hard work by our internal and external product development teams, as well as through a unique collaboration with a special group of former military personnel from Project Discover Courage – several of whom are avid anglers. Having seen — and fished out of — the previous Umpqua packs, bags and vests, these veterans recognized traits in our designs that resembled those in their own gear, and offered their assistance in developing our next generation of products. Through our combined insights, we designed a line of superior quality, intelligently designed products that aim to reduce the potential for line snags while also being the most functional and reliable piece of angling equipment one owns. Items like nippers and tools can be stored and easily accessed from Zero Sweep™ ports that conceal them while not in use, all through an easy to use design that requires minimal effort. The edges of removable foam fly patches are covered to eliminate possible snags.

In addition to the new Zero Sweep™ functionality, the line retains many of the successful features and innovations of our previous award-winning packs, bags and vests – such as suspended back panels on the waist packs and back pack, the high quality no-snag zippers, and convenient, easily accessible tool sheaths. Many of these features have been enhanced through improved organization and design. Instead of using lightweight aluminum bars for the suspended back panels we now employ lighter molded ABS plates that allow for greater internal storage and structural longevity.

One other primary consideration in our designs was integration between products. Both of our chest packs and the Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest integrate seamlessly with the updated Surveyor 2000 ZS Back Pack. And the various back panels of the chest packs and their kits (chest pack/standard back panel AND an additional larger capacity back panel) fit each other to create multiple, customizable combinations offering anglers many options.

This exciting new line contains 10 new products including:
The Ledges 500 ZS
The Waist Packs
The Steamboat ZS Sling Pack
The Ambi-Sling ZS (ambidextrous)
The Bandolier ZS Sling Pack (ambidextrous)
The Surveyor 2000 ZS Backpack
The Overlook 500 ZS Chest Pack*
The Rock Creek ZS Compact Chest Pack*
The Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest
The Tailgater ZS Organizer

*Available as an individual product or as a kit

All products are available in two color options (granite and copper/black) except for the Tailgater ZS Organizer, which is available only in granite.

All products are scheduled to be available in January of 2016 and are now up on the Umpqua Web site.