On the Fly

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At around 9:30 MST this morning, a large semi pulled into our parking lot here at Umpqua headquarters in Louisville with the first of today's two shipments of our new packs and bags. There was much rejoicing! And then the hard work began. With virtually all hands on deck, our crew unloaded countless boxes of the new gear (including Field and Stream's Best of the Best winner - the Ledges 500!) and brought them inside to their new home ... well, at least their temporary home.

Many of the cartons are heading right back out to dealers and retailers almost immediately, signaling the beginning of a new era here at UMPQUA. So, if you're reading this, make sure that you head down to your local retailer/fly shop to make sure that you can reserve yours right away, so that you can be one of the first anglers on your water to show off one of these beautiful packs and bags.

Check out our home-made video of the event and see why we're in the packs/bags/flies business instead of video production!