On the Fly

Posted by:
Jeff Fryhover

The New Umpqua Logo

Yep. We've done it. With the launch of our new web site, and the publication of the catalog, we thought that the timing was right to launch our new logo - something we have been longing to do for some time.

When developing our new logo, we considered how much we wanted to differentiate it from the old logo. We wanted to keep some connection to the old mark with the intent of introducing a fresh, more contemporary and simple look and feel.

We are still legally named "Umpqua Feather Merchants," but we feel that we are better known throughout the fishing community as just plain "Umpqua." Combined with the fact that we now have extended far beyond being feather merchants, we elected to drop the "feather merchants" from the logo.

The slanted type of the old logo stood out as its most distinguishing characteristic. We made the decision to retain this element, but updated the typeface. To make the mark more versatile, we redrew the fly element and separated it from the rest of the logo. We gave a nod to the old logo by selecting more contemporary colors that relate to those of the old logo.

Finally, to accommodate situations where the "slanted" logo is not ideal in spatial terms, we created the companion horizontal logo in which we reintroduce the historic "oval" with a new spin on it.

The result? A fresher, more modern logo that we feel parallels Umpqua's evolution.

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