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The Umpqua Wholesale Catalog is known as one of the premier publications in the fly fishing industry. And one of the really cool things about the Umpqua catalog is that we do not purchase any stock photography to populate its pages. All of the non-product photography is donated by our friends, colleagues, relatives, customers... AND YOU!! We strongly believe that this approach makes the catalog unique and fun to look at. And at around 400 pages long, we need a lot of photos!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE ONE OR MORE OF YOUR PHOTOS published in this industry hallmark, we'd love to take a look at what you have! In order to submit photos for consideration, please send an email to: marketing@umpqua.com. We will gladly take a look at whatever photos you send in and will let you know if we would like to use one or more of your photos. Some of those whose photos are selected will receive a little gift from us as our way of saying "Thank you!".

Here's what we tend to look for when selecting photos to be included in the catalog:

1. UMPQUA PRODUCTS/BRAND IN USE (obviously we like to see our products being used so those shots with our products being shown in use will receive special notice and consideration!)
2. PROPER HANDLING OF FISH/RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT (we know that not every shot can achieve this, but we sure like to see 'em!)
3. DIFFERENT SPECIES OF FISH (we get tons of trout, bonefish, etc ... got something else on film?)
4. INTERESTING PERSPECTIVES ON FLY FISHING (camera angles, concepts, etc.)
5. COOL LANDSCAPES (let's face it...fly fishing leads us to some of the earth's most spectacular locations ... show us!)
6. FISH FOOD (fish eat some pretty interesting things ... bugs, reptiles, other fish ... and since this catalog kinda deals with what fish eat we love seeing the real thing!)
7. FUN CAMARADERIE SHOTS (Everyone's got fishing buds. Let's see you all having fun ... especially of they're not human!)
8. THE ACT OF FISHING (Some styles of fishing can produce some pretty incredible images ... like a long spey cast in action or someone rocking' the boat ... just sayin'...)

So start digging through the archives, thumb drives, back up hard drives, etc. to see if you have something fun to contribute to the best fly fishing catalog ever! We may need to contact you to get higher resolution images since this is both a printed and electronic catalog...