On the Fly

Posted by:
Jeff Fryhover


Check out the best Flybox of 2010 from Field & Stream magazine. Each UPG fly box is designed for the hardcore guide or competitive fly fisherman. Designed by pro’s for pros.

The new series of UPG fly boxes continue to redefine function and design:

  • The Midge: Designed for small flies, this thin profile box has one side of maximum capacity FlyTrap™ foam and another with micro-slit foam so those tiny flies don’t fall into the gaps. Two magnetic compartments securely hold micro-patterns.

  • The Day Tripper: Designed for the minimalist in mind—it is the perfect box for holding a day’s worth of flies for your favorite river. From large hoppers to the tiniest of midges this box is all you need—FlyTrap™ foam, micro-slit foam and two magnetic compartments.

  • The Flats: The perfect box to house all your bonefish, permit or redfish patterns. One side is designed for flats patterns with varying styles of FlyTrap™ foam to suit small Belize flies to larger Bahamas’, Key’s and redfish patterns. The other side is designed with greater headroom and thicker, mega-slit foam for larger baitfish patterns.

  • The Streamer: This box has incorporated two thicknesses of mega-slit foam along with two lid heights so you will have no problems packing everything from your favorite buggers and leeches to your big baitfish and steelhead flies. This is a versatile box for anyone who likes to swing and strip flies for big fish.

  • The Double Wide: The name says it all. Finally a box that has the headroom to hold large flies for saltwater and freshwater. Extra thick, mega-slit foam allows you to hold any large flies for striper and largemouth bass to peacock bass and trevally.

  • The Weekender: For those excursions that are a bit longer than the day trip, or for those day trips when you may need to pack a little extra, the Weekender is the ideal solution. Its innovative design features magnetic compartments and micro-slit foam sections for storing tiny midges and dries, and varying multi-purpose FlyTrap™ foam for all your other patterns.

  • The Magnum Midge: Featuring a slim profile and see-through lids for quick pattern identification, the Magnum Midge can hold a huge number—and a wide variety—of flies in its magnetic compartments, and micro-slit and multi-purpose FlyTrap™ foam sections. Weatherproof and Zerust® corrosion protected, this is a great box to hold and store your most prized patterns.

  • The Magnum Dry: Some dries are really big. Some are really small. The Magnum Dry loves them all, and offers them the best in lodging in its two panels of FlyTrap™ foam. One side features extra headroom for the larger, fluffier patterns, while the other side is ideal for everything else.