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Bass, Trout,

The Booby Mouse fly was designed to look, move and float the way a real mouse does on a pond or river, but stay easy to cast with a lighter fly rod and remain completely snag free. Like a real mouse, the Booby Mouse does not always float…and when it does, it sits in the surface film of the pond at a 45 degree angle with it's legs splayed out and just the big foam eyes popping out of the water. And the fisherman need only touch the fly line to get the front–facing rubber legs to twitch back—often being just the right trigger for the big bass or trout lurking nearby. This fly has so much great movement and action in the water because the natural materials are not bound to the entire length of the hook shank. The Booby Mouse is tied on a large stinger–style hook, but all the materials are tied in at the same 3/16th of an inch of the hook shank directly behind the eye of the hook—this allows the mouse body and tail no restrictions in movement. Also, this mouse may be the first ever to offer the fisherman a top water fly that rides hook point up (almost out of the water!) completely eliminating the need for any cumbersome and distracting hard–mono weed guards that only partially work. The Booby Mouse casts easily with a common trout–weight fly rod and crawls easily and seductively over even the thickest weed beds, logs and lily pads.

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