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"The Bone Fish Buddy fly was inspired from a cast-and-blast Redfish trip to Louisiana I made several years ago. After harvesting some Blue Wing Teal ducks during our hunting day, I noticed the breast feathers had that nice dot on it so I thought it could be used for Crab claws and eyes. The following spring I had great success with the new pattern while fly fishing in the Bahamas with my guide, Buddy Pinder. I've fished with Buddy for over a decade now and I felt that naming my new pattern after him was an appropriate tribute to him for all the great days on the flats he’s given me.
The fly is a cross between a shrimp and a crab pattern and it has lots of nice movement and swimming features. The fox fur and micro legs give it great movement from both current or stripping motion. The turkey flats serve a few great purposes-- they have the appearance of crab claws but also have a nice swimming action when stripped. The dot on the turkey flat give the appearance of eyes from behind but do not impede a hook-set like mono beaded eyes do. The body length and amount of flash in the body dubbing give it the appearance of a translucent shrimp body. Overall a great universal flats fly pattern that I've caught a lot of Bonefish with and several different other species.
Hunting and casting to Bonefish are some of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I thought that giving back to the habitat and sport I love so much by donating my royalties to the Bonefish Tarpon Trust is the least I could do. Hopefully more people in the future will be able to experience and enjoy the sport the way I have."
- Signature Tyer Brett Reed 

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